Adding textures to Material Graph in USD Composer crashes the program

Hi, adding texture files (eg. .dds) to an existing material through the MDL material graph (dragging and dropping from Content to Material Graph tab) crashes USD Composer. I’ve tried it with the 5 latest versions of USD Composer/Create. The only thing that pops up in console before USD crashes is eg.

[Warning] [omni.hydra] Parameter 'Albedo' of shade node 'usd::rtx_scope0::<path_to_material_in_scene>::::<local_path_to_architectural.mdl>::architectural(color,float,float,color,float,float,bool,bool,float,float,float,color,float,float,float,bool,bool,float,color,bool,color,float,float,float,bool,float,color,::<local_path_to_architectural.mdl>::architectural::emission_direction_enum,float3)((139))' not available in the MDL representation.

But it also prints in console on opening any material in MDL material graph.

Any ideas?

Can you get a video of this ? I would not be using a dds texture though. I do not see why we would support that.

Hi Richard, are .dds officially not supported in MDL material graph? What file extensions are supported?

DDS textures are supported yes, but try png files as well. Also without a video it is hard to guess, but it might be that are you dragging in a texture into the mdl graph without a texture node. It still should not crash. Try simply adding the texture without drag and drop, by manually navigating to the texture in the texture node.

Thanks for the info Richard, will try that. I don’t have the files handy to record a video.

Which input parameter are you connecting your texture to. And which texture node (and output port) are you using?

The Bitmap Texture node in the Texturing, High Level folder, contains several output ports. The “tex” output port has a data type called a “texture_return” which should not be connectable to a rgb color. If for some reason you can, it shouldn’t crash, but would be an error. Normally you would connect “color” to the albedo of a material.