Code cannot resolve texture

I am trying to load a scene I created in USD Composer in Code. The scene loads correctly in Composer, but trying to open it in Code gives me lots of error messages and fails to load the external textures, here are some of the errors:

[Error] [rtx.materialdb.plugin] Cannot resolve texture file: AO_8K__vbwpdg0o.jpg
[Error] [] Failed to read texture file Albedo_8K__vbwpdg0o.jpg or file is empty
[Error] [rtx.materialdb.plugin] Failed texture loads reported for material soil_mud_ti0lebsew(texture_2d,texture_2d,float,texture_2d,texture_2d,float,texture_2d,float,texture_2d,bool,texture_2d,float,texture_2d,float,float2,float,float2,int)
[Warning] [rtx.neuraylib.plugin] EntityResolver: Unable to resolve ./df.mdl
[Warning] [rtx.neuraylib.plugin] Entity Resolver: FAILED .::df <—> ::Z73file_3A::Z17D_3A::QuixelLibrary::Export::ZEFDried_2520Grass_2520On_2520Soil_5Fvbnldgvn::df (NULL)

Any insights?

@veypor i am just another user passing by - which versions of Composer and Code are you using? and for the convenience of the mods/devs, it’d help provide them with more context if you can upload the most recent log in its entirety. you can find the log file here for whichever version you are having issues with -

  • Windows - %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Code
  • Linux - /.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Code

@Simplychenable Thanks for the hint.
I am using USD Composer 2023.2.1 and Code 2023.1.1
I have attached a few hundred lines of the latest log file (the complete file was huge
kit_20231204_101304.log (878.8 KB)

odd, i can’t seem to find the error message that you were getting from the log. you could try uploading the log again in its entirety. the more important lines are going to be towards the bottom of the file, so if you insist on grabbing partials, that’s where you’d want to grab from rather than from the top.

additionally, are all textures having issue from Megascan/Quixel? what type of materials/MDLs were used in Composer, OmniPBR or…?

Attached you can find the complete log:
kit_20231204_104603.log (5.9 MB)
Materials are exported from Quixel to MDLs:

thanks for the full log!

can you try something for me? based on the log, i speculate that it could be related to folders having space in its name (i know, don’t ask me), for example: you have a “Trampled Loose Soil_vbwpdg0o” folder in your Export folder. so if you can try to do the same but using assets that are pathed from folder that either has no spaces or using underscores in place of those spaces to see if that does anything for you.

Thanks, I gave that a try, but I had no luck, I still had the same errors.

do you mind uploading the latest log again?

Of course. I appreciate your help.
kit_20231204_125757.log (16.1 MB)

thanks. can you also take a screenshot of the shader property on any materials rather than the material graph editor? i am interested to see what the texture/asset paths were set to and whether Code is somehow reading the assets with redundant information.

Of course, thanks for your help: