After install NSight Tegra 3.2 in Visual studio 2015 Community, all solution template are gone.

and after uninstall nsight tegra 3.2, all template are back.

how to fix that??


(I also got “‘Visual C++ Project System Package’ package did not load correctly” error message, when launch VS 2015 Community)

Hi, LancelotChen - thanks for the report, we’ll investigate the issue. Could you please provide the Windows version, list of installed VS components and extensions?
Thanks in advance!

I can’t reproduce the issue with Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition 3.2

I have fix the problem yesterday.

My VS 2015 Community use Chinese IDE, and that will cause solution templates gone.

I install the English language pack of VS 2015, switch to English IDE, and all are OK…

Then I switch back to Chinese IDE, and all are OK too.

Thanks for reply.