After writing Jetson Nano .img file, my sd card is suddenly divided in multiple partitions

I did in these process…

  1. Formatting my sd card in ExFAT type.
  2. Writing Jetson nano image file(official one) to sd card using ‘Etcher’ app.
  3. after the work, sd card does not mount well on MacOS and it is divided in 12 partitions with GUID partition map. When I mount the sdcard on Windows, so many pop-ups (maybe the number of them is 12) come out and I can’t do anything with this sd card.
    I did same things with many sd cards(128GB, 32GB etc). regardless of whether cards have mounted at Jetson nano board.

so I think there are some collisions between the formatting process and writing Jetpack img process…

is there any recommended preprocessing of sd card to write Jetpack img?

this is the screenshot of disk utility. ->

Embedded systems don’t have a BIOS/UEFI, and so this is done in custom software. You’ll find a lot of partitions which are required during boot. None of those partitions are mountable…they are binary data and operating systems cannot mount those partitions. Only the rootfs can be mounted, and the operating system mounting this requires the ability to mount ext4 filesystem type.

Unless you are flashing from Ubuntu I don’t know of any other options.

Many partitions are normal. The rootfs partition will expand to fit the extents of the disk on first boot, so don’t worry if it doesn’t fill the disk initially.

As others have mentioned, it is normal to have multiple partitions. See here for an overview of the different partitions used:

haha… I got it! Thank you so much everyone :)