Aggegator support virtual channel

In camera development document, it metion the AGX Orin support maximum of 16 virtual channels with ISP, or 24 virtual channels without ISP.
We see the virtual channel need the Aggregator 0 unit in diagram.
May I to know what is the Aggregator 0? it is a chipset? or it is block in AGX Orin?
If the Aggregator 0 is a chipset, Could you provide which chipset model support AGX Orin?

It’s a bridge like GMSL chip Max9295/Max9296.

Does the camera sensor driver need implement to support virtual channel? or only setting MAX9295/MAX9296 driver support virtual channel?

Just configure the bridge only.


In the other hand, if our application is HDMI input to MIPI-CSI output, and it not GMSL.
What the bridge chipset could support virtual channel?

Maybe you can check with HDMI-IN chip if support VC.
Or do some research like FPD link. Sorry don’t have much information for that.

OK, Thank you.

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