AGX ORIN Programming via Ethernet


Is it possible to update AGX ORIN software by using Ethernet interfaces (XFI or RGMII)? For example, update the image in the boot device (FLASH) and after power cycle the AGX would use the new image for boot?

Gilad Sokol.

You can make updates over the network if the Jetson is fully running. That’s just normal Linux update. If it is about flash, with the Jetson in recovery mode, then no, this is not possible. Recovery mode causes the Jetson to become a custom USB device, which in turn is understood only by a custom USB driver (aptly called the “driver package”, this is installed and run by the JetPack/SDKM front end GUI, or on command line). The driver package runs only on a desktop PC Linux system, and works only with the specific custom USB device.

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