AGX Orin 64GB won't reboot after driver update attempt

I can get the system to boot to where I can hit ESC to enter setup or F11 to enter boot manager menu, but otherwise the system shuts down after boot error message. How do I reflash without an external Linux PC, or how do I reboot in Force Recovery Mode?

Force recovery mode does not recover anything. It is just a mode that external Linux PC can flash your board.

Looks like no way can recover your board. Please put the board into recovery mode and find a host PC to reflash it.

  • Power on the carrier board and hold down the RECOVERY button.
  • Press the RESET button.

Can the AGX Orin be flashed from a Jetson Nano (not Orin Nano, but original nano)

How can you tell when the AGX Orin is actually in Recovery mode? I have tried countless times and ways to put the AGX Orin in Recovery mode, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. It continues to attempt to boot up and automatically shuts down the same as if I was not pressing the Force Recovery button.

Can the AGX Orin be flashed from a Jetson Nano (not Orin Nano, but original nano)

No, must be x86 ubuntu 20.04/18.04 PC.

How can you tell when the AGX Orin is actually in Recovery mode

When the board is in recovery mode, it won’t give you any response. Basically just a brick. You won’t see it have boot logo or anything on your screen.

The “lsusb” command on your host PC will see a NVIDIA corp device when you connect the type C on the flash port and if your board is in recovery mode.

BTW, you have a jetson nano but you didn’t know how recovery mode works?

Hi Wayne,
Yes, I have a Nano and don’t know how Recovery works. The Nano says it is running Ubuntu 18.04 and it’s a 64bit system. Is that the same as an x86 system?

Which USB port is the Flash port on the AGX Orin?

Ok… then sounds it is very lucky that you never need to learn it on your Jetson nano…

And no, jetson nano is a arm64 cpu… I already told that you cannot use it to flash…

You can read the devkit user guide to know which one is the flash port.

Actually, that should be the first document to read when you get this board.
Recovery mode is also an essential thing to learn on every Jetson platform.

Thanks Wayne, I have read all the documentation and user guides that are available. Some of the info is outdated, like the PubKey instructions. Very frustrating, and by the look of the Forums I am not alone.

Could you clarify what info is outdate to you?

I will have to go back into the documentation on PubKey to find the specific outdate value that is still online.

Sorry, what are you talking about exactly?

What is Pubkey?

Public Key needed to access repositories when installing software

I really have no idea about what you are talking about.

My previous comment has the link where the document is put. Why does access the document have anything to do with install software?

Example of Pub Key error:


Just to clarify… If you see any issue in document, for example, something is out-of-date, please point out the location where you saw it. We can enhance that…

What I see now is you cannot even know which port is the flash port. Your comment sounds like you just see one typo in the first page of a book and you just said “oh there is a typo here so this whole book is useless”. Please really avoid doing such thing…

The flash port is over this document and this screenshot for you…

Yes, the USB port is the one next to the 40 pin. Thanks

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In recovery mode a Jetson is a custom USB device. Imagine a keyboard without a driver that does nothing until you add the custom driver. The flash software which runs on the desktop PC is essentially a custom USB driver with some utility on top of it for flash. Once flash completes, the Jetson will automatically reboot. This is when any optional packages are added (you’d have to complete first boot setup to add an admin account…this is how ssh is used to add that software).

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