Cannot get AGX Orin into forced recovery mode

Hello, simple problem it seems but it is stopping me from flashing to the latest Jetson Linux 35.1. I am following the instructions here:
But I cannot get the Orin to enter recovery mode. I keep checking from the build host side and see that the Nvidia USB device is 0955:7045 which is not correct per this page:
I’ve tried holding the recovery button for up to 30 seconds or as little as 1 second and nothing seems to work. The script of course fails as its not finding the Orin in recovery mode. What am I missing ?

hello ntheath,

the four-digit number should be 7023 or 7223 for Orin series.
please see-also To Determine Whether the Developer Kit Is in Force Recovery Mode.

may I know what’s your host environment setup, are you using virtual machine?

Thanks @JerryChang, I figured out my problem. The instructions mentioned attaching a USB cable but do not call out the port. I had attached my USB cable to the micro-USB port, but this is incorrect. The micro-USB port is for UART logs only. The correct port is the USB-C port opposite the power USB-C port (other side of the module). After connecting correctly I was able to verify recovery mode and reflash successfully.

this also mentioned in [How-to] session of Jetson AGX Orin Series Developer Kit User Guide .

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