AGX Orin/Xavier computing power

I am currently researching possibilities of hardware selection for ADAS project for tramways.
The system will include high resolution camera, and LiDAR. There is a possibility that in the future multiple cameras will be implemented into the system, or additional LiDAR’s
My question is about computing capabilities of AGX Orin, and AGX Xavier. Will the AGX Xavier be enough to run the object detector/ tracker algorithm based on camera, lidar fused data?
I have concerns, because I saw videos with for example YOLO detector run on AGX Xavier on not enough FPS for ADAS system. I couldn’t find proper answers on the forum, nor on the other sites on the internet.

DRIVE platform or Jetson platform?

Which video? Could you provide the link?


If you are finding the inference benchmark score of Jetson Xavier and Orin, please check the following page:


-Jetson platform, since It is much more available I believe (If I am mistaken please correct me)

-The example video of using YOLO v3 on 1920x1080 video resolution:

In our project We want to use 2880x1860 camera. Considering future use of LiDAR, and additional sensors/cameras I have serious doubts that AGX Xavier could be sufficient to run it.


The video doesn’t share by NVIDIA.
For the official benchmark score, please check the above link.


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