An error occurred after the usd file was imported. What kind of mistake is that?

This code runs under omniisaacgymenvs.But the file World1.usd cannot be found

@qthshiyuetian i am just another user, but i am wondering if it’s related to the warning at the top which suggests the anymal_meshes.usd asset can’t be opened. can you confirm if nucleus servers (in this case, a localhost) has been set up? if so, do you have issues opening that particular file?

It seems like you’re having trouble finding the “World1.usd” file for your code. First, double-check the file’s location and make sure it’s in the right directory. If it’s supposed to be in the same folder as your code, ensure it’s named correctly too. Sometimes, small typos in the file name can cause this issue. If everything looks good and the file is still not found, maybe try specifying the full file path in your code just to be sure.

Thank you for your reply. The file can be opened normally in the UI interface. Also, the nuclear server is functioning properly because some files can be opened normally. I suspect the issue lies with anymal_meshes.usd, but I’m not sure what the World1.usd file mentioned in the warning is.

I suspect that the World1.usd file does not exist on my computer, as I can’t find it using the file search tool. Also, my computer does not have a W: drive.