any examples showing how to add a custom sensors using Ethernet in DriveWorks APIs


I am exploring ways to add a custom sensor using Ethernet on PX2 with the help of Driveworks API’s (SAL), I couldn’t find any example show casing this type of integration.
I have gone through DriveWorks 0.6 Development Guide where it stats below, I quote from DriveWorks guide:

DriveWorks does not constrain the integration of any sensors. Any third-party sensor can be used in the
DriveWorks modules, if their output is mapped to the sensor data API representation, such as: dwCANMessage,
dwGPSFrame, dwIMUFrame, dwLidarDecodedPacket, dwImageCUDA, dwImageGL, dwImageCPU, and
dwImageNvMedia. Use dwContext_getCurrentTime to time-stamp individual sensors.

Question is, is there a big picture showcasing the above? Any examples which can help relate to above statements?

Krishna Srivastava