Integrating custom sensors


I am currently investigating the possibility to integrate a custom sensor that receives data over the Ethernet into DriveWorks.

The documentation states that it should be possible:
“DriveWorks does not constrain the integration of any sensors. Any third-party sensor can be used in the DriveWorks modules, if their output is mapped to the sensor data API representation, such as: dwCANMessage, dwGPSFrame, dwIMUFrame, dwLidarDecodedPacket, dwImageCUDA, dwImageGL, dwImageCPU, and dwImageNvMedia. Use dwContext_getCurrentTime to time-stamp individual sensors.”

I found two topics asking the same question on here which sadly never got an answer to them.

Are there any examples out there on how to implement and register a custom sensor type and its handler or is that not possible with DriveWorks 1.2 at the moment?

I saw that there is a Webinar scheduled for June 19th [] which sounds exactly like what we need. Anything you can share ahead of time?

Dear kuettner.hannes,

Yes, we have a plan to provide a webinar for “Using Custom Sensors with NVIDIA DriveWorks” you mentioned above.

And please refer to “Integrating with Customer Sensors” part in DW 1.2 tutorial.

If DriveAGX user, please refer to Integrating LIDAR and radar with DriveWorks SDK in Thanks.

Dear Steve,

I am not trying to integrate a lidar or a radar.
I want to implement a virtual camera that provides its images as byte buffers over UDP and need to be extracted from that data stream and should be handled just like a camera on the application level. So sadly the tutorial is not applicable for me.

Is it possible to integrate any kind of new sensor as hinted in the documentation or just lidars and radars at this point?

I kind of know where to plug in on the SDK level but cannot find any documentation on the details or if it is even possible. Are there any details on that available?


Dear kuettner.hannes,

The following link is for DriveAGX platform.
I’m not sure if you can access the link or not, if possible, please refer to the doc.

“Adding a New Sensor to SIPL DeviceBlock” in

Unfortunately, last release for Drive PX2 has DW 1.2.
So could you please consider upgrading to Drive AGX platform to get latest features on DriveSW and DW? Thanks.