Mid-range radar

Hello everybody,
I’m currently working on a project that requires data acquisition from a mid-range radar sensor.
I couldn’t find any information about the possibilities in the documentation so I’m asking here.
Has anyone tried to connect a mid-range radar or any other radar to the PX2 (AutoChauffeur) or any other platform using DriveWorks?

@NVIDIA: are you planning to add support for some radar sensors to future releases?
Thank you very much!

Kind Regards Alex

Hello Alex_BFFT,

We are supporting below Radar sensors.
-. Contienetal ARS430
-. Delphi_ESR_2.5

Please see file://usr/local/driveworks/doc/index.html in DPX2. Thanks.

We just wrote our own code, bypassing driveworks, to handle our radar.

Hello zdriver,
Are you using specific radar sensor for your project?
May I know your using the radar sensor info? Thansk.

Thank you for your replies.

@Szdriver I had to do that with some other sensors. I guess there was some kind of SDK or library for that radar?
Did you have to deliver any additional kernel modules to the PX?
I’m asking because there was one missing in my case.

Is it possible to tell me the sensor you are using?


We are using a radar with an ethernet interface. There was no SDK or library but we know the format of the data in the packets so do all the acquisition and parsing in our code.