PX2 support on Delphi radar


I am looking to interface 3x Delphi ESR and 2x Delphi SRR2 radars. May I know where van I find electrical schematic to do so, and where can i find Delphi software drivers to do so? Thanks.

Hello Chee0007,

We plan to support RADAR sensors an upcoming release of the PDK. Thanks.

Hi, does PDK Beta1.0 support delphi ESR ?

Hello heroacool,
No, the PDK Beta 1.0 doesn’t support delphi ESR. Thanks.

HI Everyone ,

I am trying to analyse the data provided from Nvidia for Radar sample visualization in /driveworks/data/samples/radar/conti/radar_0.bin.

I am trying to run the tool using ./sample_radar_replay --file = /data/samples/sensors/radar/conti/radar_0.bin

The sample_radar_replay tool closes with an error saying “Unknown option file”.

Could you please tell me what needs to be done to visualize the data provided by nvidia ?

Thanks and regards
Ankith Manjunath

Dear Ankith,
Please check with ./sample_radar_replay file =…/data/samples/sensors/radar/conti/radar_0.bin


Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

I now get an error saying

Driveworks error: DW_SAL_CANNOT_CREATE_SENSOR Radar:Cannot open file error

would this because of an internal driveworks error ?

Thanks and regards
Ankith Manjunath

Dear Ankith,
Can you please double check the file path and let us know if you still have any issue with this sample

Hi ,

Perfect it was the path which was causing a problem. changed the relative path to absolute path and provided command line arguments using “file” instead of “–file”

Thanks a lot for your suggestion

Thanks and regards
Ankith Manjuanth