Any Plans for DriveWorks with USB Camera


I wonder if NV has some plans to support inference through USB camera on Driveworks.
GMSL cameras only are supported now, but USB only for recording I know.
When making OpenCV applications, USB camera is proper than GMSL.

Here, USB camera means webcam and GMSL-USB as well.


Dear ddpx2,
Note that there are no releases targeting DRIVE PX 2 now.

Hi SivaRamaKrishan,

I had to post this at Drive AGX Xavier.
How about the same question for DAX?


Dear ddpx2,
Our DNNs are trained with RCCB GMSL camera data. So it is recommended to use RCCB cameras to use our DNNs.
Also, to clarify, recorder tool does not support USB camera. You can use sample_camera_usb on host for recording.

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

I understand.
As I’m gonna test a GMSL adapter to USB,
I just wish that sameple application like sameple_drivenet may support USB interface as a camera-type value.