Anyone running dual RTX 2070 cards?

Hello! I have RTX 2070 super and I am thinking of buying another one to make Machinima to run faster.

Does anyone have experience on this. Nvidia have you tested this out already?

I found out this so it the reason I want to make sure:

Hello Pekka,

Machinima (and Create) runs fine on multiple GPUs, so when you have dual RTX 2070 Super GPUs it will nearly double your rendering speed.

Regarding the other thread that you linked, that seems like another issue we’re looking into. To avoid confusion, Machinima/Create supports Xeon CPUs as well.

Enjoy Machinima (twice the fun on a dual-GPU system) and let us know if you have more questions,

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I need to have confirmation before I buy this:

Is it going to work with my current:

For me they look like the same.