Anyway you can use less than 100% of my geforce rtx 2070 when idle?

The omniverse isaac sim is just sitting there doing nothing waiting for hello world and its using
99 percent of my GPU and running SUPER HOT. i cant afford another graphics card. maybe

gpustat -cp
wukong Wed Apr 21 19:10:34 2021 460.73.01
[0] GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER | 57’C, 100 % | 2553 / 7979 MB | omniverse-kit/4418(1874M) Xorg/1116(40M) gnome-shell/1173(115M) Xorg/1441(264M) gnome-shell/1572(95M) chrome/2039(123M) omniverse-kit/4418(1874M) code/4521(25M)

This a bug in 2020.2.2. When the viewport is closed, the GPU should not be using 100%.
OM-30839 for tracking.