APX mode in Jetson AGX Orin (DeveloperKit)

Orin is not booting up and when we check in device manager, it shows APX mode

We have re-flashed the Orin using sdkmanager, still the issue persist

Probably certain kernel configs have to be enabled for this mode. Would see if other users can share experience.

For building kernel image, please check steps in developer guide.

But the device is not booting up what is the solution for this…
Is there any way to revert it into normal boot…
Or else only the Apx driver alone can be installed with any windows or ubuntu system
I need the solution please…


I don’t know what is your method to tell a board is booting up or not.
If you only depends on whether the GUI on monitor is shown or not, you could try below method to dump serial console log from your jetson.

You can use this method to check if this board is really not booting up.

I don’t know whether your “APX mode” is recovery mode or not. If it is, then it is another issue.

I tend to associate APX with a VM on the host PC, and not due to the Jetson.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-25 at 12.23.12 PM
After connecting USB-Type C port to a PC running Ubuntu using a USB-C cable , it showing like this

Then are you able to flash the board in this situation?

If you can, then it is in recovery mode.

If that board is in recovery mode but not on purpose, then it could be hardware issue.

Before you clarify that out, we cannot tell what is the status.

After flashing,the board going in recovery mode but not on purpose .We have flashed two times still the issue persist

Entering recovery mode is a pure hardware triggered event.

Please be aware that you didn’t provide any log as I suggested. All the things are mentioned by you without any direct proof.

I can only suggest you to RMA the device.

what will be the reason for the hardware triggered event ?

You could refer to the design guide document for Orin AGX to understand the mechanism of recovery mode.

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