Attach UR10 to transporter error

Hi, I want to attach the UR10 to transporter.
I have set the UR10’s rootJoint, but somehow the shoulder of the UR10 dropped.
Could someone give me a solution to this situation?

And this is my usd file: wrong.usd (3.3 KB)

Hi @ddbw

This post may be helpful

I tried the third option by inserting the ur10.usd as sublayer (right click on the .usd file → Insert as Sublayer) to be able to dragging the manipulator assembly into the hierarchy for the wheeled robot. However, because I could not model the base of the manipulator and the platform to which it is attached as a single rigid body with multiple collision shapes, I added a fixed joint between the chassis and the base_link prims.

Some help from @rgasoto / @MikePhysX will be welcome

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Wow, it works! Thanks!!!

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