Ur10 path planning

Hi all, I apologize for the very simple question, but I’ve been struggling with this issue for two weeks. I’d like to import a UR10 into Isaac Sim and apply an artificial potential field (pathfinding algorithm) to see the results.

I’m having trouble with the part where I import the UR10 and apply the code. Could you please help me with the process? Thank you in advance.

I believe you have three options:

  1. Import the robot USD and create an extension that controls the robot (you can use the path planning one as a basis).
  2. Create a standalone python code to launch Isaac, the robot and the controller.
  3. Rig the robot to ROS and create your controllers as a ROS package
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Thank you for the explanation.
I imported the ur10 usd file, but is there a way to access it from a python file?

You can access its properties within a user created extension, as you did. You mean to control its joints? I know it is possible via ROS, but I’m not sure how to do that without it. If it was the Panda arm, there are some controllers already implemented… Maybe check out the UR10 palletizing example?