Audio2Face model lost material when mesh fit and post wrap

when I finished mesh fitting and post wrapping, the model lost it’s material.
I used Maya 2022 open a FBX file , and export USD file.
Thanks advanced for telling how to solve the problem.

it is the result

This is what I expect

How can I get a Model with material like Alien or Allison?

Hello @jianghaomin80, I directed your post to our development team. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @jianghaomin80 ,
Thank you for trying out Audio2Face
If the material on your model currently assigned to the GeomSubset? If so, Audio2Face 2021.2 doesn’t support material assignment on such geo.
This will be supported on Audio2Face 2021.3 which will be coming soon.

To confirm if this is indeed the issue, can you expand the stage view to list what’s underneath your current mesh (the one with texture) and share the screen capture of it, please?


In my model, the “look” folder is under DefaultPrim
while in the allison model, the “look” folder is under the secondary directory
Is that the difference you are referring to?

Where do I need to change this over, in Audio2Face or in Maya?

Hi @jianghaomin80 ,
The Looks Scope will get created every time we create new material in the scene. The path would be under the DefaultPrim. The material itself can be moved or reparented to where ever you want as long as they are not locked (example of locked is when this material belongs to a referenced usd file)

It is normal that you have multiple Looks Scope if you bring in multiple assets that each has their own Looks that contain the materials.

You can assign existing material to your selected object using this dropdown on the Property panel.

There are a few ways to assign material in omniverse apps Like Create or Audio2Face. You can check them out here: Five Things to Know About Materials in NVIDIA Omniverse - YouTube

Curious, in your previous case, do you find the GeomSubset I was referring to in your original model where you still have the texture?


My workflow is exporting USD file from Maya, materials are generated in maya, attached to the mesh of the maya file. then I use Audio2Face to open the USD file.

Forgive me for being a newbie, the model was downloaded from the Internet. Maybe the Author use some Geomsubset that I don’t know.

Please give me some detailed explanation or links about Geomsubset.

below is screenshots in Maya and Audio2Face.

Can you select just your mesh and see what’s under it on stage view?
In your posted image in ov app, I don’t see your mesh listed there, it must have been parented under one of those collapsed group.

sophia6.mb (13.9 MB)
sophia6.usd (244.9 KB)
sophia6.FBX (9.6 MB)

To describe the problem more clearly, I uploaded the model files.
Please take the time to check it, and I hope this will not cause you any trouble.
Thank you very much.

Hi @jianghaomin80 ,
I’ve recorded this video where I show the steps from start to finish. Hopefully this is helpful :)

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Thank you for taking the time to record the video to help me.
I followed your instructions step by step and finally succeeded after a few tries.
The result is very good.

The point that solved my problem is the plugin chosen to export the USD file:

Be sure to use:
AUTODESK MAYA BETA OMNIVERSE CONNECTORS, download and install from Omniverse Launcher.

Do not use:
Autodesk MayaUSD plugin or Maya2022 export USD function.
These USD file in Audio2Face will cause the material does not display the effect correctly after Mesh Fitting.

Thanks for the update. Glad it works out for you :)
Stay tuned for the new versions of A2F:)

do you want to see Sophia? She is a chatbot (speak Chinese :P) , now she is on the line.

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Nice! Thank you for sharing. I’ll show this to the team here.

@jianghaomin80 , is the audio2face running live as you are typing the reply ?
I assume there’s text based input with TTS to A2F.