Audio to face texture issue after mesh fitting

Hi Team,
I am exploring the Omniverse Audio to face with the 3D face created using 3dsmax. After importing the 3D mesh into Audio to face, I used omnisurface material and added the face texture inside color image.
While working on “Begin mesh fitting”, the texture image gets changed and I lost the texture detail in the face.
I have attached a video for your reference.

Kindly help me with the solution for this.
Awaiting reply

same problem for me

Welcome @kosinus123 to the NVIDIA developer forums! And thanks @Ramesh_B for posting this question.

I moved this topic over to the dedicated audio2face forums where all the Omniverse experts hang out. I hope that is ok for you!

Hi @Ramesh_B and @kosinus123 ,

Are the shader assigned on the prim level or is your shader with texture assigned on the Geom Subset?
Due to our old bug, geomSubset transfer might have been disabled. I can check if this can be reenabled, but meanwhile if this is the case, can you try assign the material on the prim level prior to running characterTransfer?

Thank you,

Hello @esusantolim and all,

I have exactly the same problem with geomSubset and transferring the textures correctly. Nothing helped me in the previos comments, e.g. assignment of material to the prim level etc. Can this problem be solved in the upcoming Audio2Face release in July 2022?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @v.jumutcs ,
Yes, it should be fixed on the next release of Audio2Face 2022.1

From a few instances that happened to other users, the issue seems to be on the uvmap attribute name.
If you want, you can share me your model (can email me at, I can help provide a script can you can execute to copy over the uvmap from the source mesh to the result mesh.

Hi @esusantolim,

I have sent you all models a week ago. If there are issues with them please let me know. Many thanks in advance!


hi @v.jumutcs
I tried to find the email you mentioned, but I don’t see them in both my email nor my forum PM inbox.
As now Audio2Face 2022.1.0 is released. Is the UV still an issue on the latest app?
If it is still an issue, please try send me the model again, we would definitely want to investigate the issue further.
Thank you.

Hi Team,
While Exploring Audio 2 Face I am getting this Error. After mesh fitting ,if I am clicking the Post wrap Button my Character mesh is going somewhere else and the mesh shape also distorted.
Please find the Error from attached video and do the needful.

hi @jebastin.raja , can you provide your source model file?
We saw similar issue form other user but I was not able to repro it yet on my side

Can you Share your Mail Id? I will share the Source File.