Audio to face texture issue after mesh fitting

Hi Team,
I am exploring the Omniverse Audio to face with the 3D face created using 3dsmax. After importing the 3D mesh into Audio to face, I used omnisurface material and added the face texture inside color image.
While working on “Begin mesh fitting”, the texture image gets changed and I lost the texture detail in the face.
I have attached a video for your reference.

Kindly help me with the solution for this.
Awaiting reply

same problem for me

Welcome @kosinus123 to the NVIDIA developer forums! And thanks @user153713 for posting this question.

I moved this topic over to the dedicated audio2face forums where all the Omniverse experts hang out. I hope that is ok for you!

Hi @user153713 and @kosinus123 ,

Are the shader assigned on the prim level or is your shader with texture assigned on the Geom Subset?
Due to our old bug, geomSubset transfer might have been disabled. I can check if this can be reenabled, but meanwhile if this is the case, can you try assign the material on the prim level prior to running characterTransfer?

Thank you,