Audio2Face Texture issue

HI team,
I am using A2F 2022.2.0
While using A2F I got some texture issues .If I am applied the new texture to that object then also the same problem will appear. I am updated my graphic driver and reset all settings in A2F.I am tried to importing this file into Create and Machinima .All three application contains the same issue.

I am using Omniverse Applications for last 6 months. I am not facing this issue earlier.
I have attached the Screenshot and clip for your reference.

Please do the needful solution for this.

Texture Applied.mkv (15.7 MB)

Is it possible for you to share your file for further investigation?

Can you share your mail id ? I will share the file through mail.

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Hi there,

I checked your file and it seems the normals of your geometries are a little messed up. You need to use a DCC software to fix the normals.

Here’s the wrong normals:

Here’s the corrected normal:

Thanks for sharing the solution Ehsan.
I will check this in DCC tools and if I have any blockers I will get back to you.

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