Autonomous Solution - Nvidia Xavier A


I downloaded the DRIVE OS 5.6.2 with Driveworks 4.0 but I’m having some troubles understanding it. I’m not particularly familiar with it.
For autonomous vehicles solutions, which one is better? The new DRIVE OS 5.6.2 or the DRIE 10.0 (linux) in the SDKManager? And if the DRIVE OS 5.6.2 is ok, is there a manual that can help me with it?

Thanks in advance!

Dear @Thommy_Dowling,
The DRIVE SW and DRIVE OS + DW releases have different objectives.
If you want to implement perception module and would like to access latest DRIVE OS and DW features, we recommend to use DRIVE OS + DW release.
If you want to make use of NVIDIA perception module in your application, you are recommended to use DRIVE SW. More details about the difference between these two can be found at NVIDIA DRIVE SDK | NVIDIA Developer.

Also, please see NVIDIA DRIVE Documentation | NVIDIA Developer to get documentation on DRIVE SW, DRIVE OS releases.

Thank you very much!

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