Auvidea J120 for Tx2 : Compatibility / Limitations


I am looking to buy a J120 carrier board from Auvidea, and looking into its compatibility with TX2 and the latest version of the Jetpack. I found some of the threads here stating that USB 3.0 isn’t working at all and few others say its partially working and so on. I was wondering if any one from Auvidea could comment on this and probably state the known issues and any fixes available. It could be really use full for some 1 who is trying to purchase the carrier board.


Hi Spacemann,

we, are are a developer partner from Auvidea and do also driver and firmware development support.

If you want to have USB 3.0 enable to your J120, you have to patch (copy & paste) the Jetpack, flash it with the patched and you will have no problems with USB at all. You can order the board here and i will help you with the installation via email and send all patches and instructions. Alternate we offer flash services for 99 Euros, but i do not think that you need this.

Allow me to sell you one board from our side. Our listed J120 with IMU has discount and minium quantity is one:


Hi Spaceman,

The J120 and our other carrier boards are all TX2 compatible. However, they are changes in the standard device tree file required, to enable USB 2 and USB 3. These changes are described at We are in the process of completing a complete firmware for the TX2, to enable all the features of our carrier boards like CAN, IMU, 2nd GbE controller, M.2 slot for PCIe cards (M.2 type M), etc. This should be available by the end of this month.

Best regards,


Hey Jurgen,

Just purchased 2 J120 boards, the TX2 booted up well, but the USBs are not working (I guess I Need to apply the firmware patch). Is there as setp-by-step guide to install the firmware? I have been trying to recompile the Kernel with the suggested changes (given in the readme file) but my compilation keeps failing (some issue with the cross compiler i suppose). I guess I am missing something. Any help install the firmware is greatly appreciated.


Never mind I figured it out.


Your post is missing the bit where you explain what it was you were hung up on, then how you found the solution, then what the solution is, then a few helpful links for others that run into the same problem.

You asked the community for help; it’s a good idea to contribute back once you know how to help yourself. The reason you couldn’t find a step-by-step tutorial, is that not enough people actually do the right thing and write those tutorials, once they figure out how to do it.

Hi garybb,

I just got a J120 carrier for TX2. I saw on the website I have to install the firmware in order to have the USB3 working.
I see the installation instruction tells to re-flash the board.

Is there a way to install the patch without reflashing the board? There is some months of work of a coworker of mine on and I’d prefer to not wipe everything off.

Also, installation instructions are not so clear to me, shall I copy the files in the proper location and the re-run the Nvidia JetPack installer?

Will the TX2 still be compatible with the development board from NVidia after the firmware update?

Thank you


My apologies. The reason I shied away from writing a step by step tutorial is because, I believed I was the only one who didn’t know how to do it. Anyways I am going to write the whole story here. Its also pretty relevant to the topic.


Hey AlbertoCardellino,

Yes you can get the USB 3.0 to work without re-flashing. You have to use the binaries provided from them . The read-me also has instructions to apply the binaries directly.

Alternatively, you could make a backup of the rootfs of your existing installation and populate the rootfs of the new installation with the back up. That way, you can do a clean re-flash and still not loose data / progress (conceptual /not tested)

I am going to write a step by step tutorial to build the kernel with the firmware updates from Auvidea, meanwhile check this link out, where I have kinda describe the procedure I have followed.