Base address of SPI for Xavier NX

Hi, I am unable to find the base address for SPI in my Xavier NX. I understand NX supports two SPIs but in the Device Tree there are quite many spi@.

Also, under the spi@ nodes, what do spi@0 and spi@1 mean? Are they the Chip Selects?



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Tom K

Suppose below can explain it.

        aliases {
                serial0 = "/serial@3100000";
                serial1 = "/serial@3110000";
                serial2 = "/serial@c280000";
                serial3 = "/serial@3130000";
                serial4 = "/serial@3140000";
                serial5 = "/serial@3150000";
                serial6 = "/serial@c290000";
                serial7 = "/serial@3170000";
                sdhci3 = "/sdhci@3460000";
                sdhci2 = "/sdhci@3440000";
                sdhci0 = "/sdhci@3400000";
                spi0 = "/spi@3210000";
                spi1 = "/spi@c260000";
                spi2 = "/spi@3230000";
                spi6 = "/spi@3270000";
                spi7 = "/spi@3300000";

Can you please explain this a little? I am new in this field…


Below is SPI bus 0/12/6/7 and NX 40 pin head is the spi@0 and spi@2

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Can you please answer the second part of the original question as well?

“Also, under the spi@ nodes, what do spi@0 and spi@1 mean? Are they the Chip Selects?”


Yes, the spi@0/spi@1 under the spi@323xxx is the device of each chip select.

I am trying to connect a codec board over SPI. But here they speak about I2C only. So can you please help provide me with a similar documentation for SPI?


I would suggest consult with the vendor to get the driver would be greate.
For the SPI here we provide the jetson-io to configure the SPI function only.

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