Best encoding solution for AGX Xavier

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project on my Jetson AGX Xavier where I need to encode RAW videos (input format to be determined) into h264, h265 and FFV1. So I was looking for existing solutions on this board.

My first idea was to use FFMPEG with GPU acceleration, but as far as I understand, encoding may not be supported on Jetson right now. I only found this link that seems to gives ffmpeg enhanced encoding solution for h264 and h265 only.

The other solution I found is to use gstreamer. However, unlike FFMPEG, it not seems to support FFV1 encoding.

So my question is: what is the best solution to perform h264, h265 and FFV1 video encoding on a AGX Xavier ?

Thank you for your help!

We support h264 and h265 hardware encoding. FFV1 is not supported. Using jetson_multimedia_api should be a good choice. Please look at

After the installation, you can try the sample: