Black screen after installing 510 driver manually in Fedora 35 with Kernel 5.16.5+

I’m running Fedora 35 and I was using the older 495 driver and after fedora performed its upgrade of kernel to 5.16.7 I tried to reinstall the driver but I received a “MIGRATE_PFN_LOCKED” undeclared error. So I downloaded the 510 driver and attempted to install it but after installation , I only get a black screen. I have attached the nvidia-bug-report.log. I tried installing 510 in my 3 kernels (5.16.7 , 5.16.9 , 5.16.5 ) so there could be some logs with those kernel versions but they all exhibited the same black screen issue. If you would need any other log file , please reply in this thread. Thanks
nvidia-bug-report.log (579.1 KB)

First of all, please delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf. You have a hybrid graphics notebook so you will always run into a black screen with it. Furthermore, you’re now running kernel 5.16.9 which doesn’t seem to have the kernel module installed. Please (re)install the kernel headers and check
dkms status
for the nvidia module. Currently, only 5.16.5 seems to have the modules installed.

Thank you so much. It worked after deleting the xorg.conf file. The installer asked if I wanted to use xconfig and I assumed I would need to say yes. Thanks again.

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