Black screen on Replicator

Hello When I try
Replicator example link

I only get a black screen as I show below. What is wrong?

@mehmet.genc did you already click on the “Run” at the bottom of the script editor to run the script? you should see assets popping into the scene once you’ve done that. otherwise a few of the warning seem to suggest it’s having issue open some of the assets, so it could be related.

Yes, I clıcked the “Run” command. But I didn’t get any results. I share the warnings in the image below.

What should I infer from these warnings?

btw, i am not with the dev; just another user trying to help. what does the Stage look like? is it just a world prim but with nothing in it? can you also try uploading the latest file log from the the Code app? (you should be able to locate it here - ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Code)