Black Screen only in Frame Debugger (Nsight Graphics 2024.1, D3D12 Agility SDK 1.613.2)

I have a small application that as of right now is only displaying the Imgui demo window using a custom backend (to make use of SM6.6 ResourceDescriptorHeap/SamplerDescriptorHeap for Vertex Pulling and Textures) and Enhanced Barriers for the layouts.
Outside of the Nsight Graphics Frame Debugger the demo window is shown, that is, GPU Trace works as intended as well as Renderdoc, PIX and usage outside of any debugger/profiler attached to it. There are no validation errors either that could lead to a potential cause.

Something I noticed was that inside the Object Browser, when selecting the current Swapchain Texture the Draws are not shown as writes onto mentioned texture, even though they are captured.

Current GPU is RTX 4070, Driver is Version 551.76 Game-Ready, OS is Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22631


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and providing your feedback. I am not very understanding your question, could you provide a simple example that would allow us to reproduce the issue with some detail steps?



To recapture my issue - I have a new-ish repository in which I started with an implementation of Dear ImGui, which all works now, except when using the Nsight Frame Debugger. I will provide additional screenshots showing the issue. The simplest repo I have would probably be just directly taking a capture from my application, the repository being at, commit as of writing is 87955ed. Opening the application via the Frame Debugger should show a black window with the Frame Debugger overlay on top. Opening in any other context however will show some ImGui Gui rendering. I have noticed that the Object Browser does not show the resulting drawcalls as writes onto it (screenshot provided), however the Event List does show the draws as being issued (screenshot provided). As a sanity check I have tested another public/external D3D12 project which I was able to confirm to be working (The draws appear in the object browser when selecting the swapchain texture in that project).