BlueField2 PPS IN/OUT (NIC mode)

Hi folks,

I’m trying to have my PHC(Physical Hardware Clock) of ConnectX6-DX in BlueField2(Legacy OPN : MBF2M516C-CECOT, host RHEL 8.8, NIC mode) synchronize to a PPS Input signal, but was not able to enable 1PPS Input/Output feature.

From the host on BlueField2, I’ve got an output for phc_ctl command saying PPS doesn’t be supported. (Please find attached.)
Is there anyone know how to enable this?

Is it related to the version of a ConnectX6-DX firmware or configuration?

Thank you in advance.
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Hello @kwangbaeklee,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. Please refer to the article provided at the following link to enable and test the 1PPS In/Out feature: ESPCommunity


Thank you for the reply Bhargavi.

I found out the website after posting this query.

However, when I tried to query the capability from the server, it said “doesn’t have pulse per second support”. (See the attached image.)

Is this because of wrong firmware version(MLNX_OFED_LINUX-23.10- ? or misconfiguration ?

Also I don’t see any response after executing './testptp -c -d /dev/ptp1 -l
'. Why is it happening?

Is ConnectX6-DX able to achieve a synchronization it’s clock(not time) to the outer clock
by combining the full date and time from the host and a PPS input signal(1Hz or 1MHz) from outer reference?
I’m asking since the host(BlueField2) is in a network without a proper timing reference, such as a GM(Grand Master).

Is there a way to distribute ConnectX6-DX clock sync to a outer chip/system via PPS Out pin?
Since we’re going to connect the host(BlueField2) into a chip without the intervention of a switch or a router. The chip doesn’t need a UTC timestamp but need a clock sync.

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