Blurred rendering when moving around in scene

Hi there,

is there any possibilty to tune/set some parameters to have a better rendering of the scene when driving around? When I stand still in the simulation, the rendering looks really sharp and nicely renderred (first image), but as soon as start driving around with a simulated vehicle/robot, the image gets really blurry (second image). Also the published ros image looks the same and is blurry.

I use an NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090 graphics card and it shows that there is much GPU Memory left.

Is there anything I can do to improve this?

Maybe turn off motion blur?

Where can I do that? @nikepupu9

another issue I think is path trace can’t be done in real-time

I’ll try that out, thanks.

Unfortunately, this settings was already disabled. So the Motion Blur setting that is not the cause.

I think the main cause is that path-tracing is not real-time. try to switch to real time ray-tracing

You mean to RTX - Real-Time?
Then the shading of the materials is not as required.

Some materials only work in path tracing mode. But path tracing is never intended for real-time applications.

Do you know, if it is possible to somehow “define” a vehicle path over time and calculate the simulation output offline (not in real-time) frame-by-frame in Path Tracing Mode?

checkout standalone applications to see if that works for you.

I saw that already, but I have set up the scene in the graphical editor.
I haven’t found a way to show the code from of a created scene afterwards - do you know if this is possible or do I have to decide between graphically creating a scene vs. code-based scene generation?

They do not conflict with each other. You can just save the edited USD to a file and load it later in stand-alone applications.

You can also use the video capture utility to ensure each frame is fully rendered.

Thanks, I’ll try to open the file with VSCode.
The video capture utility is not helpful for me, because I use Isaac Sim to generate simulated data for ROS2 Applications, which means I need the lidar/camera/tf topics to be published while running a simulation.