Boot to console instead on GUI

Like the title suggests, how to I set console as default boot option?
I don’t need GUI and so I would like to avoid loading all that overhead.

On tk1 board?

yes, TK1

This may not work, but try:
sudo systemctl set-default

The reverse of this would be:
sudo systemctl set-default

Then reboot.

Tried that and it says systemctl command not found.
But there is sysctl. If I run with that one it complains that /proc/sys/set-default folder does not exist

It would be nearly impossible for systemctl to not exist and still boot, so it is probably just not in your default path. Don’t forget that you must use sudo as well, which runs as user root, and changes the path. Try the full path:
sudo /bin/systemctl set-default

If systemctl is actually missing, then something is very wrong. One could search like this (a long search):
sudo find / -name 'systemctl'

there is no systemctl file anywhere, I searched in mc under root account :)

only one that is close is /sbin/sysctl

if I run sudo init 1 desktop gets shut down.

I changed /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf and set DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL=1

this seams to be working on ubuntu 14.04, but it logs into console as root automatically :(

upgraded to 16.04 and executed command. still boots into GUI

EDIT: I’m pretty sure I’ve only been thinking of 64-bit systems, and that your Ubuntu is so old it does not use systemd, but instead uses older init files. Runlevel “2” would be" in systemd syntax. This is so old I have to remember how to change this in older init file style, so what is below is mostly irrelevant.

EDIT 2: What happens if you run command “sudo init 2”? Does this work correctly? Do you have file “/etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf”, and is there a line in it like this (but perhaps a different numeric quantity)?

If the DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL is 3, and you want console mode only, see what happens if you change it to “2”.

Ignore what follows, but leaving it in since it was posted.

I suspect it is only a typographic error, but you quoted “/sbin/sysctl”, which is incorrect…it would be “/bin/systemctl” (or if in “/sbin”, then “/sbin/systemctl”). Regardless, something is seriously wrong with the installation. “systemd”, and its control file, “systemctl”, are a critical and fundamental part of most Linux installs, and always critical to Ubuntu. I suppose long ago in 32-bit days Ubuntu might not have had this, and the TK1 does use only 32-bit.

What do you see from “apt search systemd”? If this is so old that systemd is not being used, then it might be necessary to do some research in the systems which are over 10 years out of date. I sometimes forget how old the TK1 and 32-bit are. Incidentally, are you using official NVIDIA install software for all of your 14.04 and 16.04 cases?

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