Boot Up Current for new designed base board

We have designed our own base base board and plug in with Jetson Nano Board. When power up, the current comsumption not similar to Jetson Nano EVK board.

Try to connect HDMI port and display can’t detect any signal.

I’ve follow base board reference design of Jetson Nano.

  1. I’ve try to power the Jetson Nano by jump wire direct from 5V to “POWER_EN” signal pin.
  2. signal from Jetson Nano “PWR_LED_CTRL” able to turn on LED D28.

However, the current when power on only at 0.2A which is lower than normal working EVK which is 0.3A - 0.5A.

Need to know, which signal that will impact the power turn on at Jetson Nano base on SCH upload.

Need advice.

2nd page of SCH

There is power up sequence in design guide in which the signals are involved in power on. Also there is a checklist sheet in latter of design guide which should be followed, please check that first. Is there log info output from debug uart port?

Here is the Debug Log data from UART pin…
Log file “capture for Cutomise Base Board” captured from our own build base board + Jetson Nano Board.

From the log, it was stop at “Starting kernel …” and after a while, it will reboot again.
Also, I can’t get the HDMI output to be show on the monitor.

what will be hte possible problem on this?

Log File “capture._Original EVK board” log file capture on the Nvidia Jetson Nano + EVK.

capture for Cutomise Base Board.txt (18.9 KB) capture._Original EVK board.txt (20.5 KB)

The log says Ramcode is 2 on your board which should be 0, it means the status of pin 236 is changed to high during power on, please check and change the pin design to same as devkit.

we just manage to boot up the Jetson Nano and able to display to monitor through HDMI.

Reason is we used the purchase Jetson Nano + eMMC board and then no more problem.

Thanks for your support.

Good news. Can you tell what the “eMMC board” is? Thanks.

It is the Jetson Nano Module which sell from Nvidia as well on the below link.

This Jetson Nano module are only come with eMMC and no SD Card on the module.

As by using Jetson Nano Module with eMMC, all those before error are now function well.

This is due to the Design Guide and Reference Circuit are base on Jetson Nano Module with eMMC type. We found this info from other post in the forum as well.