What is the minimum HW requirement for boot up?

I am working on my custom carrier board.
I connect 5V and GND pins. (My Power Supply is Original Raspberry Pi 5V micro USB Adapter.)
I connect a switch POWER EN pin.
I connect power led.

When I powered my board and switched on Power EN switch, there is nothing happened. Power led is not turning on.
Board consuming 250mA and not changing many minutes.

Everything is working perfect on jetson carrier board.

My custom board design has other peripherals HDMI,USB, etc, but not assembled yet.

What more is required from the current my first setup?

There is no any info on datasheet and system design guideline for this.


Is your power sequence same to “Power Up Sequence” in product design guide? The carrier board power supplies should ON after module power rails.

Thanks for reply,

I am using lab power supply now. I set the voltage 5.3V and 4Amps.

I powered the board, after 3 seconds I open the POWER EN switch. After that SYS_RST pin goes high. So, my power sequence is same as “Power Up Sequence” in product design guide. But Power Led is not turning on.

I read many entries in the forum and I made extra strong power rails, add new capacitors(2x470uF). I don’t think it’s about power.

Does Nano expect any other activity after the power up sequence to be power up? Should a pin be high or low?
Or expect HDMI, USB connection? USB Hub connection? I am not assembled yet this connectors.

As I said, it is working great on Nvidia carrier board.


Are all power rails on your carrier board controlled by SYS_RST? Because the power rails on carrier board should be on after SYS_RST. Did you check the checklist table in OEM DG? Or do you have a change list on all pins design? That will be helpful.

Yes, all power rails on my carrier board controlled by SYS_RST. But as I said, I did not assemble yet USB, HDMI etc connectors and components. I just powered Jetson nano and switch on POWER_ON pin.

Is OEM DG means OEM Design Guide? I can’t find OEM DG for Jetson Nano? Could you share it?

You can search the design guide in DLC: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads, DLC is the main zone for all Jetson docs.

OK, I found it, it is attached to the design guide. I checked it but there is no new thing. Everything is OK.

I didn’t get an answer to my question.

Jetson Nano need HDMI, USB for Power Led on?

HDMI, USB and other IOs are not must for a nano design. The power part design is necessary.