Bootloader error post install again when upgrade Jetpack 32.7.1 to 32.7.2

In the past I posted this Solution : dpkg: error processing package nvidia-l4t-bootloader --configure)
For weird workarround skip this error .
I found now bl_update_payload.log it’s due IndexError String index out of range in _check_ver line 974 in l4t_payload_updater_t210 .
ver_num = int(ver_list[1][1:3]) * 10000 int(ver_list[4][0]) * 100 + int(ver_list[4][2])

It’s in SPEC 3348-200-0000-F.0-1-0-jetson-nano-qspi-sd-mmcblk0p1
Compatible SPEC: 3448-200-0000–1–jetson-nano-devkit-
Reading 32,768 bytes of /dev/mtblock0 at offset 4,128,768

My conclusion cause of this happening is that it tries to install the latest bootloader version even though it is already installed.

Its only works the first time if you don’t have it installed
But format for example the latest image is based on jetpack 32.6.1 (it’s jetpack 32.7.1) and always update to Jetpack 32.7.2 package and break i think due this .

By journalctl -b it’s said faile to call gs_plugin_add_updates on fwupd: No releases found for device: Not compatible with bootloader version failed predicate [BOT3.0[0-1]
I hope that this is useful since I consider that this is a bug, it should not fail if it is not necessary to update.

What is the exact error here? Your original post has been 5 months ago so I am not sure if the error is still same.

Also, is the module related to the issue or every jetson nano with 32.7.1 could hit this? Not quite sure why you share he SPEC/Compatible.

I have shared the SPEC because it is what appears in the LOG in what model I’ve tried now that I have found by postinstall file is a bash script and I saw the folder in which the log was saved in /opt/ota_package/
It has also happened to me in 2GB devkit sometimes and I didn’t know exactly why it was. and I came to the conclusion that it is when you reinstall and try to update via ppa with an image that is not the latest bootloader version but you had already flash previously

So what will we get here in this scenario ? What error will be seen? Bootloader update failure?

It’s dpkg: error processing package nvidia-l4t-bootloader –configure) the same one that reported 5 months ago always tries to install it but the postinstall script fails seems it’s a bash script .

May I confirm the scenario again?

If I install rel-32.7.1 and run apt-get upgrade, then I would hit this issue?

It is what I suspect since it has happened to me when reinstalling it again, installing the latest image and updating the packages to jetpack 32.7.2
Otherwise I don’t understand why it gives IndexError String index out of range

I Can confirm happen always for me reinstalled now.
For now I have to force the information that postinstall saves scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ so that dpkg skips the installation and doesn’t ask me again