Bringing up 3DP displays

Hi @WayneWWW ,
I am using a custom carrier board with AGX(Using L4T 32.5) and i want to use 3rd display as DP instead of HDMI.

Following are the changes i have done for enabling the 3rd DP.

 &sor2 {
        status = "okay";
-       nvidia,active-panel = <&sor2_hdmi_display>;
+       nvidia,active-panel = <&sor2_dp_display>;
-&sor2_hdmi_display {
+&sor2_dp_display {
        status = "okay";
-       disp-default-out {
-               nvidia,out-flags = <TEGRA_DC_OUT_HOTPLUG_LOW>;
-       };
+       nvidia,is_ext_dp_panel = <1>;

Is this sufficient for the 3rd DP to work?

Ashik P.

You can try to compare the whole sor and nvdisplay nodes in full dts. Each of them should have similar setting since you set all of them as DP.

Thanks @WayneWWW .
I am able to get the 3rd DP display working. I have done the changes as you mentioned.

But now this dp display is acting as primary display.
If i dont connect this dp display and other 2 dp displays connected i am not seeing the bootup logs. Also if i try to stream camera without this dp display am not getting the output on the other screens.

For reference i have attached my changes,
dp3.txt (9.9 KB)

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Do you have dmesg to share when the error happens?

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