BT BER/PER test for CE certification


Our product with TX2 is going to supply CE certification.
And the lab is asking the way for BT BER/PER measurement.
We know TX2 is integrated with BCM4353 WiFi/BT module.
Could you provide the test tool or test command/SOP for BT BER/PER measurement?

  1. BR/EDR : enter UTM mode (under test mode), and use BT simulator to measure BER/PER.

  2. BLE : enter DTM mode (direct test mode), and via console board connection to BT simulator to measure BER/PER.

You can find the CE doc in package:

Can’t it be leveraged directly?

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your reply, we already have these documents.

We need to know the command to enter UTM or DTM mode.
and send test pattern for measure BER/PER


Please directly contact the vendor of bcm4354. We don’t have and don’t know how to enter UTM/DTM mode.

Hi Waynewww,

We don’t have Broadcom contact window. And we are not their customer, they might not take care of us?
Since from the compliance document, TX2 is already have CE certification, NVIDIA should have experience for the BT test?

Hi seeway.ho,

The guidance for BT is the same as WiFI. Customer can’t change any parameters and need to use our certification, see
Those docs are valid for BT as well. Our compliance guide also covers 802.15 (Bluetooth)