Build apriltag_ros from source

Hi I follow instruction from GitHub - AprilRobotics/apriltag_ros: A ROS wrapper of the AprilTag 3 visual fiducial detector on jetson nano, but catkin build gives:

Finished  <<< apriltag                             [ 27.3 seconds ]                                                                                    
Starting  >>> apriltag_ros                                                                                                                             
Errors     << apriltag_ros:cmake /home/elgarbe/3wr/logs/apriltag_ros/build.cmake.000.log                                                               
CMake Error at /opt/ros/melodic/share/cv_bridge/cmake/cv_bridgeConfig.cmake:113 (message):
  Project 'cv_bridge' specifies '/usr/include/opencv' as an include dir,
  which is not found.  It does neither exist as an absolute directory nor in
  '${{prefix}}//usr/include/opencv'.  Check the issue tracker
  '' and consider
  creating a ticket if the problem has not been reported yet.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  /opt/ros/melodic/share/catkin/cmake/catkinConfig.cmake:76 (find_package)
  CMakeLists.txt:4 (find_package)

any idea?

Hi @leogarberoglio, please take a look at this suggestion to add include path to /opt/ros/melodic/share/cv_bridge/cmake/cv_bridgeConfig.cmake :

The OpenCV headers are found under /usr/include/opencv4/opencv2
I’m not sure which of these include paths it expects to be added:

  • /usr/include/
  • /usr/include/opencv4/
  • /usr/include/opencv4/opencv2

So maybe give those a try.

thank! that solve my problem!