Building ROS2 with isaac-sim python

In order to use ROS, ( trying to use ROS2 foxy ) with isaac-sim , the docs say follow the ROS instructions for building ROS from source. These instructions ( for linux) start with doing an apt install of python3 and ros-dev-tools. This installs python3.8 and installs things in the 3.8 site-packages. This doesn’t work with the /isaac-sim/ which points to its own python3.7. How can I install ROS2 (foxy) to use the isaac-sim python3.7 already present? I want to use that python to drive scripts leveraging ROS.

Hi @user153772 - I think this previous question will help you resolving the issue: Custom Ros 2 messages - #8 by

That addresses custom messages in ROS, not the ros-dev-tools, This is using a python3.10 environment.

Hi - Will you be able to help @user153772 here?