Camera Data Path of TX2

Hi Nvidia,

I got confused from the Block Diagram provided by Nvidia ,

  1. How Raw Video Data is transfered from CSI to H/W encoder?

I assume this the path, but i can’t find the exact path
CSI --> VI --> CPU --> GPU --> H/W

Kindly can anyone help me out to find how the data follows.

I have went through the sample codes(tegra_multimedia_api) & the docs nvl4t_docs.

Hi meRaza,
For tegra_multimedia_api\samples\10_camera_recording, it is
CSI camera input -> camera ISP -> DMA buffers -> Video encode

Please check out this “Getting Started with the JetPack Camera API” PDF:

The presentation was for TX1, but I think it most likely applies to TX2 as well.


Thanks Danel for quick reply .

It really helped me solve most of my confusion.
And I have few more quires

  1. for the tegra_multimedia_api\samples\12_camera_v4l2_cuda, IT has same path ? .

  2. for audio path will be I2s --> device memory --> Host Memory --> APC . Is this correct ?

Thanks jkjung13 , The document you provided has good info , which I can use for development of product using TX2 libargus .