Camera driver load as a module issue

Hello all,

I want to write more than one v4l2 camera driver separately as a module, include it in the device tree, and then install and use these drivers as modules. However, after removing all camera drivers from defconfig and adding my own drivers, when i run Jetson Nano and list the devices, I see a device called /dev/video0. When I type the v4l2-ctl --all command, I see the driver named tegra-video. Later, when I install my own drivers as a module, a second video device cannot be created. That’s why I can’t install my own camera drivers as a module.

Does anyone have any suggestion?


Could be you didn’t apply the kernel build by you.
Suppose you can disable the imx219/imx477 from the device tree to disable the default driver. Also the present video node shouldn’t the reason cause your driver failed.

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