Camera freezes

while i run detectnet or imagenet with zed camera or nvidia tx2’s own camera is freezing

Just show a scene after that its freezing and close the terminal and run again and shows failure

hello savunmasad,

please narrow down the issue by checking this related to inference / training models.
you may check Approaches for Validating and Testing the V4L2 Driver to verify the camera basic functionality.

Nothing happened, im gonna downgrade to jetpack 4.2. Tried 4.4.1 and 4.4.
Dont understand what happened it was working, it is freezing

hello savunmasad,

am I understand correctly that you’d verified the camera basic functionality?

you may also check the memory and SWAP usage by running $ sudo tegrastats outside of the container, please check much total SWAP capacity is reported.

please also refer to Topic 159173 for similar issue, it has solution of camera freezes while training models.