Jetson nano Freezes

I bought a Jetson nano along with onn 128 gb, ssd, a 5V 4A power supply and the raspberry pi v2 camera. Everything seems to be working fine cuz I can connect to the camera and I’m using the nano for desktop. The problem is the Jetson nano keeps freezing when I’m using the terminal or even when I’m not even typing. Can someone help. It’s really frustrating cuz I don’t know what’s wrong. It also just black out

Hi wilsonchristopher735,

What JetPack version are you using?

I think the most recent one

Hi wilsonchristopher735,

You can use below command to check your build version:

$ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

Could you also try enable max performance mode to check result is better or not?

$ sudo jetson_clocks

Revision 4.2, release R32 and doing this froze the screen again

Hi wilsonchristopher735,

Please share the dmesg log.

I fixed it. All I do was to reformat the ssd, download the 4.3 JetPack sdk and reconfigure the board. It is working perfectly now. Also I’m using intel ac 8265 wireless card. The WiFi is working perfectly, can someone help on why the Bluetooth is not bringing out no sound even though it is connected

Hi wilsonchristopher735,

You can reference Topic-112098 steps to enable BT audio.