Can a dev kit Jetson Nano -A02 boot from NVMe on this carrier board?

I got a SeeedStudio A203v2 carrier board that has an NVMe M.2 slot on it (as well as the WiFi M.2 slot). I have a Jetson Nano 180-13448-DAAA-A02. Can it boot from the NVMe if I flash the Jetson Nano SD card image to the NVMe?

For that matter, can it boot from USB?

Update: I tried booting the Nvidia Jetson Nano dev kit board from USB, and it just dropped into a shell after writing a few log lines, including “imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe” and “board setup failed.” Then it dropped into a shell. I figure there’s probably a way to configure it to look at for NVMe, USB, and SD Card, in that order, but I don’ t know enough about Linux to figure that out myself.


Generally, a serial console log is needed when checking boot from external drive issue.

And back to your question. Is the board vendor providing the schematic of that carrier board?
If they didn’t provide, then I think that M.2 key M slot may not work on jetson nano. As jetson nano’s PCIe lanes are not sufficient to support one M.2 key E and one M.2 key M at same time.

Only Orin/TX2/Xavier have sufficient PCIe to support it.

One more thing to noted. A02 module is a very early one and most of custom board is for B01 module.

Okay, maybe I should just return this carrier board then. Sigh.

I don’t suppose Nvidia would replace my Nano for a newer one, would they?

I am not using key E at all, should it work with just the key M?

Oh! I just saw this note on their product page:

When using Jetson Nano, the M.2 KEY E cannot work but instead, M.2 KEY M could.

I don’t currently care about key E, so that should be okay, yes? Although maybe not for my early module?

Yes, if they said so, then you can use NVMe on it.

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