Can I use the following ups on the jetson nano?


I am using jetson nano and I am going to install ups.

It’s not made for jetson nano, but I can use more than 15W.

link :

I’m currently using this product to test it, but the power goes off during boot up.

If it is turned on normally, you can check the part that works.

In the early stage of booting, it seems to turn off mainly at the part where the current increases rapidly

Is it enough to use this product

Hi, the rated input voltage of nano is 5V, if it is 5V output then should be OK.

I am using this one.


The product I linked to is a device that gives a rated output of 5.1V.

However, when using this equipment, jetson nano was turned on or jetson nano was turned off when the main power was turned off.

(Login screen, it is normal when you just open the main screen, but is turned off when the cpu load rate increases.)

That’s why I asked if the product could be used (battery protection circuit problem) or not.


I want to use it too

But there are no sales agencies where I live, so I have a hard time buying it. (Not a personal purchase)

In addition, when using the product, the battery does not have built-in protection circuitry.

However, in our country, the sale of batteries without protection circuits is prohibited.

It looks like the load capability issue of the ups. If the nano board can be powered on normally with other power supply, then it should be the ups problem, maybe you need to try other ones.