Power Supply Problem

I am using barrel jack power supply for my jetson nano. When I switch off all the power supply and switch everything on again, the jetson nano cannot be started (basically, no power can reach the jetson nano as the fan is not working either). Until I unplug the barrel jack power connector and plug it in again, the jetson nano and the fan switch on again. I would like to switch on the jetson nano by switching on the main power supply and I do not want to plug and unplug the barrel jack power connector every time. How can I solve it without connecting J40?


Hi, if the power supply is turned off completely, it will be same as unplug the DC jack. Did you check the power supply on the connector to see if it still has voltage left even after turned off? Or you can try waiting longer time to let caps discharged completely and then turn on the power supply.

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried to wait for a while until the voltage drop to 0 and then switch on the power supply again. It is not working. I must go through the plugging and unplugging of DC jack in order to start the Jetson nano. Would there be other solutions? Is it a protection mechanism from the DC jack?

In theory, it should work if cap discharged completely. Did you probe the voltage on DC jack?

I have just found out the reason. My current transformer is 5.3-5.4V. I am using this transformer because 5V transformer does not provide enough voltage for me to start my machine learning model.

The 5V transformer works properly when I turn on/off the power supply while the 5.3V transformer has the above issue.

I think this may be caused by the 5.3V over-voltage protection. Can I disable it?

The maximum VDD_IN could be 5.5V, i don’t think it is a over voltage issue, and also no such protection can be disabled. When you turn off the power supply the voltage to board should be zero after a while.

I bought a voltage regulator and changed the power supply to 5.25V,the problem is fixed.

@izaacleung I have a similar issue of my TensorRT code not working when Nano is powered with a 24V to 5V DC DC transformer that gives exact 5.0 V . I am planning on using transformers that give 5.3V or 5.25 V, kindly advise.

The TensorRT models work well when connected to a wall socket.

I have explained the code errors i get in this https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1071151/jetson-nano/gpu-initialization-failed-on-jetson-nano-powered-with-24v-to-5v-dc-convertor/post/5426729/#5426729

post, can you verify if your errors were similar?

Would you suggest I get a 24V to 5.1 / 5.2V DC-DC convertor to avoid voltage sag? Will a 5.2 V DC supply harm the nano dev board? Will this solve my trt model not starting issue described in the following post? https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1071151/jetson-nano/gpu-initialization-failed-on-jetson-nano-powered-with-24v-to-5v-dc-convertor/post/5426729

This topic can be closed, let’s continue this same problem of you in one topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1071193