Can Jeston AGX Xavier support 4K240 encoding?

Jeston AGX Xavier spec says it support 4x 4K60 encoding. And I was told that it has 2x 4K120 encodeing cores and it has an automatic strategy of dispatching frames into 2 cores.

And also I was told that it can support 2x 4K120 but can’t support 1x 4K240.

In may understanding, 2x 4K120 can combine to perform 4K240.

Would someone explain this?
Can it support 4K240 or not?
If yes, How to do?
if not, why?

Thank you very much.

Please refer to block diagram of Xavier in technical reference manual:
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

Video Encode 2x means 2 individual hardware encoder and each can achieve 4Kp120. There are two engines so we can achieve 2x 4Kp120. But it is not a single engine so it cannot go up to 4Kp240. This is constraint of hardware.

Can we dispatch 1,3,5… frames to one encoder and 2,4,6… frames to another encoder?
In this way it can make full use of 2 encoders to achieve 4K240.


No, due to constraint of hardware, this is not supported.

Is there any way to achive 4K240 encodeing on Nvidia solution?
I’m williing to use Nvidia chipset for a 4K240 camera.

Currently there is no Jetson platform supporting this use-case. Please check desktop GPUs.

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