Video encoding on AGX Xavier Industrial: YUV422, B frame, and max bit rate


I have the following questions about video encoding on Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial (JAXi).

  1. Is YUV 422 HEVC (or H.264) encoding supported?

  2. Is HEVC B frame encoding supported?

  3. What is the maximum number of 4K30 streams supported with HEVC Main 4:4:4 encoding? (Datasheet DS-09654-002_v1.8 states 12x, which is surprising)
    And what is the maximum number of 4K60 streams supported with HEVC Main 4:4:4 encoding?

  4. What is the maximum bitrate of an encoded HEVC stream? (Datasheet DS-09654-002_v1.8 states 60 Mbps, which is not remarkably high. How can the bitrate be increased, e.g. if a better video quality is needed?)

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No, it is not supported.

Yes, it is supported.

Sorry it is a typo. The capability for JAXi should be 4K30 (2)

You can get higher bitrate for 1080p or lower resolution/frame rate. JAXi can do 1080p60 (6). Since there are two NVENC engines, each one can do 1080p60 (3). If you encoding each stream into higher bitrate, it may become 1080p60 (2) or 1080p60 (1) for each NVENC. The overall throughput of each NVENC is fixed.

For 4K, the capability is 4K30 (2) and each NVENC can do 4K30 (1). So it cannot have higher bitrate in 30fps.


Please let me know, if there is any Jetson-like product available (or planned for the near future) with

  • improved video encoding capability over JAXi
  • industrial-grade operating temperature

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