Can not download and install AGX SDK successful

I’m trying to download and install AGX SDK through sdkmanager, but the download and install process is so slow that I can’t finish installation work. Pls help to check, thank you!

OS: ubuntu 16.04
sdkmanager: sdkmanager_0.9.9-2351_amd64.deb
location: Being, China
issue: the AGX SDK setup process can not finish after long-time running(12-18 hours, several times)
nvsdkm.tar.gz (119 KB)

Hi chuanxiu.liu,
Could you package ~/.nvsdkm/ folder and send it in this thread?


I have tried to run sdkmanager with --server xxxx as below, but failed with “cannot reach server configuration file”
sdkmanager --server

Hi chuanxiu.liu,

Is this still an issue at your side?
Could you package ~/.nvsdkm/ folder and attach it in this thread for us to do further investigation?